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    Why Happy Head?

    Happy Head, the first exclusive IV Drips & Wellness Therapy Clinic in India, brings you holistic wellness therapy options for your body, mind, and soul. Our medically trained professionals evaluate your health history and carefully curate customized IV Drip Therapy through IV Drips, Injection, and Infusions. Whether it is fixing a well-earned hangover or regaining your youth, Happy Head, caters to all your health and wellness needs.

    Customized IV Drips
    Medically supervised procedures
    Comfortable and convenient facility
    Blood tests prior to the treatment (If needed)
    In-Home IV Drip Therapy

    How to be Happy Head?

    Book an appointment in advance via call or book a walk-in appointment during our operational hours.

    Consult with our experienced medical professional to understand which therapy is best suited for your needs.

    Sit back, relax, and let the therapy work its magic. Regain 100% wellness with 100% absorption of all the essential nutrients.

    Inside Our Heads

    The Philosophy

    At Happy Head, we believe in the power of affirmations to transform not just your mindset, but your entire well-being. Each therapy is named to resonate with the affirmations that guide us through life’s challenges, reminding you to embrace the journey and let go of fear.

    Behind every therapy lies a deeply personal story, a journey of resilience and renewal.

    Join us on this transformative journey, where each needle prick becomes a symbol of affirmation, a step towards your best self.

    Together, we’ll embrace the power within and unlock the true potential of your wellness.

    Our Therapies
    Feel Better
    Rise & Shine
    Melt the Mountain
    Meant to Thrive
    Our Clients

    Happy Testimonials


    Myers’ Cocktail


    Nutri Glow Drip

    Mehreen Kaur Pirzada

    Myers’ Cocktail Drip

    Happy Experiences

    See what our past clients and patrons say about us!

    The hangover fix at Happy Head really got me back to normal after a really thrilling New Year’s. I came out as a functional human afterward!


    I had a stressful week and it took a toll on my skin, absolutely dehydrated. Happy Head therapy was a lifesaver! I felt rejuvenated and would highly recommend this treatment!

    Ria G

    The day before I was supposed to leave for my own bachelorette trip to Europe, I was in a weak state that I couldn’t shake off! The “Immunity Drip“ treatment at Happy Head brought me instant refreshment!

    Sonya J