The Versatility of IV Drips : an essential asset to overall vigour

According to Statistics generally, 90% of people are nutrient deficient, 50% of which are already taking oral vitamin supplementation. It has been found that when taken through tablet form, only 15% of active nutrients actually end up in the bloodstream. 

With IV drips, these nutrients bypass the gastrointestinal tract with delivery directly into the bloodstream, allowing our cells to take immediate advantage. 

IV drips are far more effective than taking oral vitamins because the nutrients are being directed straight into the cells, they are being utilised more effectively by the body. The result is a range of important benefits, from increasing the energy of the individual to strengthening their immune system and even enabling weight loss. 

It should be noted that for those aiming for weight loss, an IV  drip should be combined with adequate exercise and a health plan in order for it to be an effective dieting tool.

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