Is there a fine line of demarcation of how often drips can be administered  ?

There’s no precise number admittedly  however, depending on what is being administered, doctors do not recommend more than two IV treatments per week. The maximum number of IV treatments recommended is nine in a six month period. Everyone is different, and one should act responsibly towards their own body, but on average a one drip a month is what’s recommended.

Is the procedure time efficient ?

In General the whole experience varies for different people. The treatment however estimatedly can last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the infusion. A quintessential dose and  ideal boost for those workaholics who work hard the entire week for some time to ease and unwind. Also, extremely viable for people who travel back and forth or work incredibly long hours, because a quick session can be easily squeezed in  during  lunch breaks , after work or on the weekend as part of your errand routine.

What can you expect ?

As for the effects, the results can vary. According to Drip CMO’s “Everyone is different and will therefore experience varied results.“Some feel more energised and detoxified after their infusion, whereas others may not notice a physical difference but will have more vitamins in their system which are bioavailable for the body to absorb.” On average, the vitamin infusion takes around 24 hours to be fully absorbed by the body.