The Modern Day Ambrosia

As Trivia foretells, popular among the course of fashion month, top models jet-set across New York, London, Milan, and Paris to help showcase the onslaught of new collections from major brands, and the busiest among them end up walking miles in uncomfortable stilettos, attending fittings in between a jam-packed schedule of shows, and barely having time to eat or sleep properly between it all.

With all the non-stop action, it’s completely understandable that many are left needing something extra to keep themselves in optimal shape.  Enter the IV vitamin drip. , These infusions of vitamins and minerals have grown in popularity among athletes and creatives.The evidence is there for all to see. IV vitamin drips can be used to promote an active, healthy lifestyle, even for those people who like to balance out their fitness regime with a good amount of partying! Then there are the other benefits of IV drips – from combatting skin conditions to getting over jetlag. We might see IV vitamin drips become even more popular over the coming years, as more people switch on to the potential personal benefits.

IV drips are a boon for your skin too. 

Apart from benefits of skin lightening which glutathione IV treatment can bring about. You’d be happy to claim your fair share on other beauty godsends that it  is understood to tackle booking a consultation at Happyheads.Skin ailments such as eczema, acne and psoriasis are able to be combatted, and tissue degeneration reduced, along with a decrease in free radicals.