Work hard, party harder ! Sedentary life is all about Fast life with an even faster drop in energy quotient. IV Drips are the way to go.These  provide key amino acids and nutrients – rectifying excessive fatigue. 

Gym-goers can really benefit from IV  drips ; providing fast hydration, reducing recovery time by flushing out excessive toxins produced by muscle activity.

Drips for Frequent flyers also,immensely benefits ,helping in “jet lag” recovery, as flying results in dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. 

Happy Head drip and wellness clinic  is sure to fine tune you to attain quality  Intravenous micronutrient supplementation to rehydrate , re-energize, de-stress and replenish your wellbeing, combined with a healthy lifestyle.Happy Head drip and wellness clinic takes pride in sourcing people with the opportunity to optimize their health and well-being, and be the best that they can be.

Sometimes the best nights are followed by difficult days. After you enjoy an evening of overindulgence, it’s essential to balance it out with a suitable recovery. An IV drip can help restore the proper electrolyte and fluid balance to your body when you have a hangover or another condition prompting dehydration, nausea or muscle soreness. You can feel the benefits of an IV drip almost immediately, getting you back on your feet and ready to take on the day.

Prinicipium Psychiatry offers the best IV fluids for a hangover. Our rejuvenation IV is formulated to replenish electrolytes and balance your fluids. With treatment that includes pain relief and nausea reduction, our IV drip will help alleviate hangover symptoms much faster than any other “cure.”