How safe are the latest health fad - IV Drips?

IV drips became a hip word recently, thanks to the soaring acceptance from celebrities like Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Rihanna, and recently Donald Trump. This latest wellness regime became a must-have and gave everyone a breather from their stressful routines with all things wellness. It promises a wide variety of health benefits that rejuvenates us from ailments like dehydration, hangover, fatigue, menstrual cramps, jet lag etc. All it takes is 45-60 minutes of your time, and you can get the best wellness experience possible.

A brief history

In the 1960s, John Myers formulated the “Myers’ cocktail”, an IV solution with vitamins and minerals to cure hangovers and promote overall wellness. Since then, IV solution began to be considered seriously, and there were several therapies for different ailments. They work based on the basic principle of digestion. Our gastrointestinal absorption is limited and will not allow the nutrients from the food we eat into our bloodstream as rapidly as we want it to. IV Drips administer essential electrolytes, amino acids, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract.

How safe are they?

“A healthy outside starts from the inside”, said Robert Urich. IV drips do the same with enriching vitamins and minerals. IV therapies are usually safe when experts administer the drips in a safe environment with sterile equipment. Most drips usually contain naturally available ingredients in your body, like zinc, calcium, magnesium, essential amino acids, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and other nutrients, which your body can easily absorb. To take this safety assurance to the next level, most drips can be formulated and customized according to your wellness needs and health conditions.

The only thing one must keep in mind is that there shouldn’t be any pre-existing ailments or illness. That’s the reason, a blood test will be done before your therapy to understand your body, and a medical professional will inquire about your medical history. He or she will then walk you through the entire procedure and administer you with the appropriate dosage of the drip. So, worry not, let loose and lace your shoes, go get your IV therapy to feel your best.

4 hours or 45 mins?
What's going to be your personal hangover cure?