Full English Breakfast : The Perfect Hangover Cure?

How was the party last night? Must have been a blast if you are here looking for the ultimate hangover cure! Is your head pounding and your stomach doing flips? Then let’s dive into the perfect homemade hangover cure.

A Full English Breakfast.
That's right, let's get cooking!

It is proven that a rich Full English Breakfast can break your handover in a matter of 3 hours. A Full English Breakfast includes bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, buttered toast and sausages. Now, let’s find out why it is the perfect hangover cure.

Craving something fried up when you are in a hangover?

Your body is demanding a fry-up dish that can help produce the glucose needed to absorb the chemicals responsible for your hangover. These chemicals are produced when the alcohol you consume reacts with the existing enzymes in your body. Richard Stephens, professor of psychology at Keele University, says carbohydrates in a Full English Breakfast can help restore balance to your sugar levels, making this a rapid and successful hangover cure.

You found your ultimate homemade hangover cure.

A traditional Full English Breakfast is a composition of fried elements and carbohydrates that soak up these chemicals and help cure your hangover.
To add a cherry on the top, eggs are a prime source of multivitamin resulting in high-quality protein and Vitamin B which helps fight hangovers and improve alertness.

Now grab all the necessary ingredients and fix up the ultimate homemade hangover cure! Let’s say an hour of cooking, as you are hungover, and about 3 hours for the hangover cure to work its magic

But, we got something quicker and easier!

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4 hours or 45 mins? What's going to be your personal hangover cure?

4 hours or 45 mins?
What's going to be your personal hangover cure?