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India Brand Story

Changing lifestyles demand a change in the way we take care of our health. Running around to meet deadlines, working for longer hours, skipping meals and not getting enough sleep, and what not. The constant pressure and stress of our lifestyle habits impact our health in the long run. While we live in times of hustle, it is vital to take a pause and give full attention to our well-being. Dietary supplements and tablets demand even more time, discipline, and energy and have an absorption rate of 30-40% with no guaranteed results.

Realising this gap, a team of four experienced doctors from various specializations came together with one common intention – to aid people in maintaining good health and to boost their wellness. They’ve spent time and energy into bringing the most effective way of restoring essential nutrients and vitamins in the body. Happy Head India was born.

Happy Head India is India’s First Exclusive IV Drip Therapy Clinic, offering the most effective form of delivering essential vitamins with a 99% absorption rate. Happy Head formulated 13 IV Drips catering to different wellness needs with an option to customize. Each IV drip contains several essential nutrients that are directly sent into the bloodstream for quick absorption. This long-term lifestyle approach allows people to keep a check on their health regularly, prevents chronic illnesses, rejuvenate the bodies, and achieves optimal wellness.

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Our Team


Dr. Venkaiah Mulakalapalli

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Knee Replacement Surgeon


Dr. Mounica Vadlamudi

MBBS, MD. Anesthesiology


Dr. Sri Sai Nivya Kilari

MBBS, MD - General Medicine
Fellowship in Diabetology


Dr. Sneha Latha Paritala